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Mid Century Modern Architecture  Fort Smith Arkansas
Mid Century Modern Architecture  Little Rock Arkansas

I love architecture, especially mid-century modern so it was a gift to be able to make this documentary which allowed me to explore the topic throughout the state of Arkansas. I won three regional Emmy awards for this documentary in the categories of writing, editing and cultural documentary.

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Mid Century Modern Architecture Hot Springs Arkansas



Miller Williams produced by Mark Wilcken

This is an episode of a series I produced featuring prominent residents of Arkansas. Other subjects included philanthropist Jane Krutz, Former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Federal Judge and Historian Morris S. Arnold and flight instructor to the Tuskegee airmen, Milton Crenchaw. While I enjoyed making all of these episodes, this one is close to my heart as Milton was such a talented, thoughtful and kind man.

Producer, Writer, Editor

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I love architecture and have been trying to pull together a project featuring mid-century architect William Pereira. This is an interview I shot and edited on his work at UC Irvine where I received my BA in English Literature.

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Tustin Tiller Days

There’s something about a carnival that is irresistible to me as a photographer. It’s such a visually interesting site to see and the people are covered in so many emotions that I can’t help but want to film it all. This is some footage I shot at the 2017 Tustin Tillers Days set to music. I wanted to practice my shooting skills and this was the perfect venue to capture some interesting visuals.

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