This is the passion project I’m trying to develop into a full series. I love architecture and I think other people like it as well. Unfortunately we know so little about it. Easy Architecture is an animated web series that teaches people of all ages the basics of architecture through short, fun educational videos. It is my hope that a full series of this show will help people better understand and appreciate the built environment.

Producer, Writer, Animator, Editor


Lucinda Williams: UGLY TRUTH

When I was working on the biography of Miller Williams I had the opportunity to meet his daughter, Lucinda Williams who is herself a talented and successful singer/songwriter. She was in town for a few days to visit her parents and decided to perform a small concert at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville Arkansas. It was impossible to resist so I went and filmed the set and edited this music video of Lucinda singing "Ugly Truth".

Producer,  Editor