The way we do this is by understanding your goals and then creating videos that most effectively and efficiently get that job done.

Our expert services are tailored to fit your needs. We can write the script, produce, direct, shoot and edit. We work with you (and your ad agency) to provide the services that most effectively get the job done. Kinetic Canvas is high quality at affordable prices.


At Kinetic Canvas we bring together talented professionals to create a production team unique to your needs. Each production is customized to the project, budget and location. Our services include but are not limited to...

  • PRODUCING: Bringing everything together and nurturing the project from beginning to end.

  • WRITING: Collaborating with the client to tell an impactful story.

  • DIRECTING: Translating the vision from script to screen.

  • FILMING: Capturing the moment on film.

  • EDITING: Gathering all the elements of visuals and sound together into a finished product.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Kinetic Canvas  is committed to reducing the impact of its productions both in the office and in the field through the following measures:

  • Have and use a recycle bin and ensure all recyclables are cleaned before deposit.

  • Avoid the use of paper in favor of email and pdf files.

  • When paper must be used, make every effort to use recycled paper.

  • Ensure all hazardous and electronic waste is properly handled and delivered safely to the proper recycling station.

  • Minimize energy use by turning off computers at night, unplugging unused equipment, use energy efficient light bulbs in the office always and in production if possible.

  • Purchase paper made from recycled paper. 

  • Purchase products such as soaps and cleaning materials that are gentle on the environment.

  • Use the cloud to share footage among team members to reduce mailing hard drives which requires single use cardboard boxes and transport by plane and automobile.

  • When it is necessary to rent a vehicle for a production, research and budget for electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Always be aware of your impact and don’t be wasteful.