New Music Monday: Maggie Rogers

Over a year ago a video went viral on YouTube with Pharrell sitting in on a masterclass with students at the NYU Clive Davis Institute. In the video Pharrell listens to the music of three young musicians and provides feedback on individual tracks played in the class. After the first two, Maggie Rogers is called to sit next to him and nervously explains her history and musical heritage. In later interviews she admits she had no idea he was going to be there or that she would be one of the students selected to present a song. As her song plays Pharrell looks bewildered, amazed and pleased. You have to find the clip just to watch his reactions. When it’s over he surprises everyone, saying that he has no notes to give. The song is great as is and he encourages Maggie to pursue her “thing”. Shortly afterwards Maggie released a few songs including “Alaska” which she played for Pharrell that day and “Dog Years” which was my favorite. A few months ago she released another song, “Falling Water” which continues her journey as a budding recording artist. Maggie Rogers is one of my favorite young musicians. She’s original, authentic and has something to say. Enjoy “Falling Water” for today’s #NewMusicMonday